Paper or Plastic Banners, Tapes and pallet wrap

As illustrated below, printed banners, Tapes and pallet wrap have many uses. Attract attention to sales or products with large, colourful, promotional banners throughout your store, or use the smaller tapes to single out products or areas with what ever message or graphics you choose. We can produce banners of multiple colours, with continuously repeated images, in widths from 50mm to 1200mm. Click here to enquire.

Printed banners NZ

Contract Printing

York Paper Company‚Äôs four and six colour flexographic printing presses are specifically designed to meet the high standards of printing required especially by the packaging industry. 

Printing on a variety of substrates including BOPP, polyethylene and many types of paper, produces a full range of feed stock for packaging requirements. Reverse printing on clear film also provides a sharp scratch resistant finish suitable for the packaging of a variety of consumer products including banners, tapes and pallet wrap.A range of downstream products can also be offered such as printed banners, pallet wrap, and a range of food packaging and paper products. York Paper Company can print up to 1200mm wide with a material web width of 1250mm. All the while the company continues to explore new products and techniques to give the industries a variety of choices.Please contact us for more information and pricing.


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