About York Paper Company Ltd, a member of the York Group, was established by Gerald and Joyce York in 1963 , as an associate company of Universal Pyrotechnics Ltd (established in 1950), the foremost manufacturer of retail and display fireworks in New Zealand.

As you can see from the pictures to the right, a lot has changed since then and as a company we’ve also developed investing in top line technology to deliver the best quality and efficiency to our customers.

In August 2021 we moved to a new bigger location on the Te Atatu Peninsula, just 5 minutes from our original location.

However, one thing that has not changed is our approach to business; we’re still a family owned and operated company with a commitment to manufacturing in New Zealand, providing employment opportunities in our local community and doing our best for the environment.

Initially established to provide printed packaging for our fireworks, York Paper Company has grown to be a leading flexographic printing company, using a variety of substrates, but primarily paper.

Now under the management of Joanna York-Hughes, our downstream activities include printed paper bag manufacturing, printed gift wrap and food packaging. We also specialise in printed advertising banners. 

From the beginning, the York Paper Company has specialised in high quality, flexographic, reel to reel printing for the packaging industry and we’ve been able to win many contracts, over international competition.

We also have pre-press facilities, including a Graphic Design service.


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